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We are so sorry. SHINee World Fiction is under repair. We will try our best to repair it as soon as we can. So the blog can't be open for a moment. They have some problem, we are so sorry.

Super Junior ELF Fiction is now on delay. So sorry for My Past Future, will be delay till 1 week.. we hope so. The authors will do a test on 29 March 2010, so they can't write like usual. And about the other post, there are so much post on so they need more time for choose.. so sorry


[ENG] Minho Eunhyuk SK Kiss Cut 130210SO IT WAS LEETEUK WHO VOLUNTEERED HYUK FOR THAT KISS!!!!!!!!After watching this for the nth time and with subs, I realized that their lips barely even touched. *relieved* I’m finally over this. pwahahahaha. XD
my hatred to IU is still as grave as ever though. ;p

[ENG SUB] Super Junior Cut @ SHINee Hell0 Baby
Finally! SUBS! lol at Eunhyukkie! XD
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