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We are so sorry. SHINee World Fiction is under repair. We will try our best to repair it as soon as we can. So the blog can't be open for a moment. They have some problem, we are so sorry.

Super Junior ELF Fiction is now on delay. So sorry for My Past Future, will be delay till 1 week.. we hope so. The authors will do a test on 29 March 2010, so they can't write like usual. And about the other post, there are so much post on so they need more time for choose.. so sorry

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Are Now Moves!

Hey everyone... still read our fiction blog??? Our loyal reader.. now we are moves! Click if you want to read Super Junior Fan Fiction and click this if you want to read SHINee Fan Fiction. Thanks for keep reading.. we love ya!

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